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Who are Film-Legion?

Film-Legion is a platform for decentralized crowdfunding for the development of films and series. Here you can purchase tokens to support your favorite projects across multiple blockchains. You can also watch the most recent news, previews, and exclusive premieres from our top performers. During the Beta, you will discover new features such as gasless voting, alternative NFT market places and more. Projects are screened for legitimacy via so you can crowdfund with confidence.

Why do we exist?

Our reason for being is straightforward. We’ve come to defy convention and provide society with secure access to an emerging market. We function as a platform for people to crowdfund innovative new media ventures. By providing tokens and making them available for purchase by anybody, we aim to provide unprecedented access to film financing. You can crowdfund any project, indie or studio, no matter how big or little it is.

Go to to see how we make a project possible.

How do I use Film-Legion?

Please see our handy tutorial to show how you can use Film Legion with our recommended wallet apps. If you subscribe, you will be invited to see more tutorials on how to claim your rewards and much more!

What happens when a project is a success?

If you have purchased enough tokens to support a project, you can stream it for free on Film-Legion. Our aim is to help market the project for purchase by different streaming vendors and/or studios. We aim to add more utility to the tokens you own, by collateralizing them over time so they gain value, and by offering exclusive non-monetary rewards.

What happens if a project fails?

If a project fails to raise capital during a funding round, the deployed smart contract can refund you by various methods. You will be kept up to date on what’s going on, and how you get your contribution back. If for some unforeseen reason a project does not get made after the funding round, we will do our best to ensure we compensate you by offering more ways to use your tokens.

What blockchain technology is used?

Hedge-FX‘s Smart Contract technology is written in solidity and deployed across multiple blockchains, such as BSC, ETH and Polygon. Our decentralized applications (DAPP) are empowered by Moralis and will develop throughout the beta. Using blockchain technology you can see where any of the finances are going and how much a project has raised in real-time. Complete transparency. Throughout the Beta, you will see new blockchain concepts rolling out, so opt-in to our email updates and follow us on social media… you won’t want to miss this.

Can I submit my idea?

Yes, you can! If it is just a concept, feel free to submit it via to our forum and we will track how much attention it receives. If you are an independent artist, we will gladly review your concept and try to help you launch it on Film-Legion; see for more details and discover our Creators Platform.

How can I stay safe on Film-Legion? (and generally)

Using Film-Legion, you can stay safe by following these simple rules.

Never rules:

  • Never share any passwords, wallet passwords, private keys, or seed phrases with anyone.
  • Never assume that buying tokens for a project is a guarantee that it will be made.
  • Never buy project tokens from someone else or another website. These projects are exclusive to only.
  • Never buy more tokens than you can afford.
  • Never be influenced by someone else to buy tokens.
  • We will NEVER contact or solicit you directly to buy tokens for a project.

Always rules:

  • Always keep your wallet passwords safe, we cannot help you if you lose wallet access.
  • Always read the project description first, before supporting.
  • Always consider gas fees (basic blockchain principles, similar to transaction fees)
  • Always buy crypto from reputable websites or DAPPs.
  • Always be aware of volatility when you own/hold cryptocurrencies and altcoins in your wallet.

Do you own the rights or licenses of these projects?

No. We host 3rd party projects and all rights and licenses are reserved to the creators. We do this to ensure maximum transparency without bias. A project will enter into a hosting contract with hedge-fx if the reward structure is designed to collateralize supporters’ tokens and other terms and conditions may apply. Smart contracts will play the main role in this and will be completed on the allocated blockchain for maximum transparency.

When will a project air?

This is down to the project and its size and complexity. Please keep up to date with Film Legion for the latest news, updates, and exclusive footage. We will notify you when a project updates its status via email.


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