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Explore Film-Legion with MetaMask

Film-Legion fully supports your MetaMask plug-in! You will be able to “Connect Wallet” and choose MetaMask, this is usually automatic.  You will see a pop-up next to the icon in the toolbar. Click “Next” and “Confirm”.


Getting Started is Easy!

There are plenty of useful guides on ‘how to’ use MetaMask online, simply follow along and allow Film-Legion to connect.


Installing MetaMask;

Go to the Chrome Web Store or MetaMask.io and down load the extension.

Other than Chrome, you can use browsers such as Brave, Firefox, Mist, or Opera.

Alternatively, you can also download the dApp to your mobile device. (Recommended)

Available for Android and IOS


CAUTION: MetaMask is a 3rd party wallet application. We have no influence over its usage or your risk of capital. *fees may apply  



“Easy and secure access to the Ethereum Blockchain”

  • Easy use
  • On Android IOS and Chrome
  • Stores custom project tokens
  • Extensive educational resources

Trust Wallet


“You Deserve Easy Access to Cryptocurrencies”


  • Easy use
  • Buy Crypto in under five minutes
  • See your NFT collectibles
  • Earn interest on the crypto

Suggested Hardware Wallets

Ledger Wallet




  • Trusted by 4 million customers
  • Recommended by Forbes Techcrunch Bloomberg
  •  The highest level of security

Parity Signer


“Turn your smartphone into a hardware wallet.”


  • High-Performance
  • Supports Hardware and Software Wallets
  • Full Node Wallet
  • Not Hierarchical Deterministic (HD)

CAUTION: These are 3rd party software/app wallets. *fees may apply We have no influence over its usage or your risk of capital.
These are simply alternative suggestions to our native applications. Always be aware of capital at risk. 

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