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What do you do when you’re the owner of a small league ad agency, about to join the big league…and your business partner commits suicide? What do you do when the tragedy leads to a series of events so bizarre that you begin to question your own sanity? When you begin to see and hear things other people can’t? Where you begin to witness a world in which the boundaries of life and death are obscured, and dominated by a powerful presence? When you find yourself in the company of those who march to the beat of a different drum?

My name is Keith Hunter and this is my story… well, part of it.



In the year 2000, Keith embarked on a collaborative venture with his closest friend, Ian Reynolds. Their collaboration gave birth to the poignant book “Scannan.” The narrative delicately navigates the journey of a man grappling with mental health challenges, descending into the depths of paranoia and schizophrenia after the tragic loss of his business partner. Set against the backdrop of marketing companies at Ardwick Green, the story unfolds across various landmarks such as Deansgate, Chorlton, Old Trafford, Blackley, Salford, Cardiff, and Winson Green, Birmingham.

Scannan’s mission transcends conventional works. It aims to illuminate the lived experiences of the main protagonist dealing with mental illness, particularly paranoid schizophrenia. By delving into the emotional struggles of his characters, Keith invites his audience to empathise and connect with the challenges faced by him who must navigating the complexities of his own mind.

Scannan isn’t just about words and visuals—it’s a bridge to understanding, a portal to emotions, and an invitation to walk in another person’s shoes as the book is written in the first person. Scannan dedication to fostering empathy and insight through its creations highlights the transformative power of creativity and storytelling. Join us in exploring the vibrant tapestry of Keith Hunter’s mind—a journey that sparks conversation, cultivates compassion, and redefines the way we view the world.


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